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Neck PainWhiplash

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Thoracic outlet syndrome is a painful condition that results when the nerves that travel through the neck are compressed by muscles or other tissues. In auto injuries, the muscles of the neck can be strained. If not treated, these strained… Continue Reading…


Coping Strategies and Whiplash

Coping strategies in chronic pain patients have been found as a major predictor of physical and psychological outcomes. If a patient possesses healthy coping mechanisms, they can handle stressors more effectively, experience fewer symptoms, recover faster, and require less rehabilitation.… Continue Reading…

Neck PainWhiplash

Whiplash Symptoms, Turned Head Increases Risk of Injury

For years, we’ve known that there are a few factors that increase the risk of injury after a rear-end collision. Numerous studies have shown that women are more likely to be injured than men, and poorly adjusted or badly designed… Continue Reading…

Neck PainWhiplash

Whiplash Patients Exhibit Distinct Pain Pattern

The goal of this study was to compare whiplash patients to patients with fibromyalgia and non-traumatic neck pain, and to determine if there was a particular pain pattern unique to whiplash patients. Of the subjects, 47 had whiplash, 21 had… Continue Reading…

Neck PainWhiplash

Vertebral Artery Injury After Cervical Spine Trauma

In this study, researchers performed magnetic resonance angiography on 61 patients admitted to a hospital with cervical spine trauma. The authors found that “complete disruption of blood flow through the vertebral artery was demonstrated…in 12 of the 61 patients (19.7%).”… Continue Reading…

Neck PainWhiplash

Whiplash, Brain Injury, Concussion, Auto Injury

There is a wide range of whiplash symptoms. The most common, of course, are neck pain and headache, but a substantial percentage of patients report other, more difficult to understand problems as well. Some of these symptoms include dizziness; problems… Continue Reading…

Neck PainWhiplash

Recovery Time from Ligament Injury

Dozens of studies over the last few years have shown us that most chronic pain from auto injuries is a result of injury to the ligaments of the spine. These injuries most often occur in the facet capsular ligaments, but… Continue Reading…

Neck PainWhiplash

Whiplash Symptoms, Ligament Injury, Transverse Ligament

Much of the research on whiplash injuries over the last few years has focused on the ligaments of the spine as the source of chronic pain and loss of function. Ligament injuries are problematic for two reasons: first, such injuries… Continue Reading…

Neck PainWhiplash

Neck Pain After Whiplash

During a rear-end collision, the head and torso are thrust in opposite directions in a very short period of time. So it is not surprising that most of the symptoms of whiplash are centered in that part of the body… Continue Reading…


Tips for a Quick Recovery After Whiplash

A car crash—even a “minor” one—can be a huge disruption in your life and can cause months of pain and disability. With proper treatment, however, you can be back to your normal activities much faster and reduce the chances of chronic… Continue Reading…



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