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Natural Neuropathy Treatment

Ever felt a tingling or numbness in your feet and hands? What about a painful burning sensation? This could be a sign of nerve damage or neuropathy. Neuropathy is a set of conditions caused by damage to the nerves in… Continue Reading…

Back Pain

Chiropractic and Family Practice Physician Treatment Outcomes for Chronic, Recurrent Low-Back Pain

Despite the large number of patients with chronic low back pain there is little data on treatment effectiveness for this group. The authors of this feasibility study sought to answer some of the many questions on clinical management of chronic… Continue Reading…

Jaw Pain

Motor Vehicle Accidents and TMD

Few published studies have investigated the effect of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) and motor vehicle accidents. Since a correlation between the etiology of TMDs and trauma from vehicle accidents is controversial and undetermined, the researchers evaluated 50 files of patients… Continue Reading…

Back Pain

Chiropractic and Back Pain

Back pain is a difficult and expensive health problem. Finding the most effective treatment for patients with back pain is a priority in this age of managed care. This new study, conducted in Australia, was designed to look at the… Continue Reading…


Acupuncture soothes whiplash

A recent study suggests that acupuncture may substantially relieve pain for whiplash patients. Although there’s been a number of studies on acupuncture for neck pain, there’s been little research into the effects of the treatment for whiplash-associated disorder. The study… Continue Reading…

AcupunctureNeck PainNeck Pain Treatment

Acupuncture for Chronic Neck Pain

This study set out to evaluate acupuncture’s effectiveness in relieving chronic neck pain, and also to assess nonspecific effects of treatment. Specific effects of acupunture generally entail the alleviation of pain by needling a specific site of the body; nonspecific… Continue Reading…

Back PainNeck PainNeck Pain Treatment

Chiropractic, Neck Pain, Disc Herniation

This study examined 27 patients in a private chiropractic practice who presented with neck or back pain and who had MRI-documented cervical or lumbar disc herniations that corresponded with clinical findings. “Patients were treated with a course of chiropractic care… Continue Reading…

Back Pain

Chiropractic More Effective Than Physical Therapy for Back Pain

Numerous studies have shown that chiropractic can be an effective treatment for patients with low back pain. Now a new report1 has looked further into the effectiveness of chiropractic by comparing it to physical therapy treatment, and, more significantly, studying the… Continue Reading…

Back PainNeck PainNeck Pain Treatment

Chiropractic, Low Back Pain, Neck Pain

Over the last few years, there have been increasing pressures to reduce the costs associated with treating low back pain, while, at the same time, increasing the effectiveness of that treatment. A recent study1 sums up the problem: “A growing body… Continue Reading…

Back Pain

Chiropractic, Back Pain, Disc Herniation

Over the last few years, it has been recognized in the medical literature that conservative treatment works best for many cases of lumbar disc herniation. For patients with far-lateral, or extreme lateral herniation, however, the effectiveness of conservative care is… Continue Reading…



Updated 06/02/2020